Company Profile

Tradpost Technology was established in 1982 as a privately owned company, started manufacturing computer mother boards and marketing Personal Computer Systems from 1984. In the 1990’s the uprise of Hewlet Packard and Dell computers had dominated the Personal Computer marketplace. This opportunity has transformed Tradpost into one of the best in professional high mix low volume EMS manufacturer.

With more than 30 years of experience in servicing clients from around the world to successfully navigate, negotiate, and manage a wide-array of manufacturing initiatives in China, Tradpost is back by its technical expertise together with the technical resources of its suppliers in the supply chain to successfully build to the exact specification as required.

Tradpost Technology, your ultimate OEM/EMS manufacturing partner, offers you unparalleled Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) catered for high mix medium to low volume manufacturing needs. With more than 30 years experience in electronic industry specialized and developed a high quality production team capable with full confidence to meet the ultimate customer needs.

We are committed to ongoing investment in equipment, technology and staff resources in help to achieve highly efficient, more flexible, cost effective and speedy deliveries to our customers world-wide.